At Live Oak we believe in the Team approach at all levels – internally and with our clients. We believe that, as a management team, it is imperative that we are all in constant communication and working in unison from the bidding process and procurement, to project management, through operations, to the very last item on the punchlist. This involves our estimators/project managers, our superintendents, our foremen, our framers, our hangers, and our laborers. We are a team all working together for our clients.

We also believe that this same Team approach applies from the supplier to the subcontractor and on to the general contractor. We consider ourselves partners in whatever venture we are involved, and pride ourselves on furthering our relationships based upon this “partner” approach with both suppliers and general contractors. Furthermore, we strive to outperform our competition by focusing on meeting the needs of our clients.

We hope to consistently follow through with every commitment we make. We hope to set our clients apart from their competition through our efforts and performing our scope of work in a way that exceeds expectations. This includes the price, the schedule, the product, and the how we accomplish the work. In short, we set our clients up for success so that we might be a success as well.