Who we are

Helping others lead more fulfilling lives while providing exceptional service.

Respect, Collaboration, Intense Work Ethic, Family

What separates us from the competition? The answer is simple – our team of committed and passionate individuals. Our management team is unique in that we all have different skill sets within our industry, but have come together to provide an in-depth understanding not only our scope, but also how our scope fits into the overall construction process.

We have a complete set of skills and experiences here at Live Oak from the management to the field to build both a superior product and successful, meaningful relationships.

Our central focus is to grow ourselves, grow others, and grow the business. To us, leading means identifying and living out our core values with purpose, then looking to align ourselves with Clients who share similar values. We target Clients who are looking for trade partners to help them move forward through each project, and we do this for a fair and reasonable price. We aim to estimate work that best aligns the needs of both our Clients and our Construction Team, remaining steadfast to our true scope of work. This involves an understanding of Live Oak’s strengths and weaknesses in accomplishing work, while thinking sensitively on a situational basis about the needs of our clients.

We strive to grow at Live Oak Construction. Improvement is always possible within ourselves, with how we relate to others, and with how this company conducts business. Our goals revolve around not perfection, but excellence in all things. Whether the project is an involved thirty-six story apartment high-rise, or a simple single story finish-out, our Construction Team comprised of Superintendents, Warehouse Managers, Drivers, Foremen, Journeymen, Helpers, and Laborers understand the importance of consistently performing at an excellent level. In regards to schedule, our Construction Team has a wealth of knowledge of not only our activity durations within our scope, but also how our durations relate to the critical path of an overall project schedule. Our Team seeks to “push the job”from the rough stages of concrete and red iron, to the finish stages of millwork and light fixtures. This effort is both collaborative and communicative between Live Oak Construction, other trades, and our clients.

“Doing it right the first time” produces an overall superior product while saving costs and increasing value to any owner, and enforcing this internally is our focus. Drywall is a commodity, and Live Oak Construction is in the service business. Our Construction Team understands that the vital component of a successful business relationship begins and ends with customer service. This approach is shown from answering every phone call to having 100% attendance at Weekly Subcontractor Meetings. We strive to do more and do it better.