Cedar Ridge HS Auditorium

This was a 45,000SF high end ground up school tower & auditorium. Live Oak Construction completed the engineered exterior metal framing, wood blocking, sheathing, and interior metal stud framing, drywall, insulation, fabric wrapped panels, and Rulon wood panel wall and ceiling systems.

This job had by far the most complex and technical features in our company history, and we were up for a challenge!  Extensive communication around schedule, sequencing, and trade coordination was a must.

In the auditorium, we had to complete the stair risers, which were engineered and metal framed load bearing.  Then, a scaffold system could be erected for us to build 16 huge suspended drywall ceiling clouds.  Lastly, we built these 100’ long 60’ high Antepro side walls.  In the tower, we rocked double-layer perimeter walls combined 350’ long and 70’ high.

Lastly, the custom array of over 200 assorted perforated and solid wood ceiling and wall panels give this space a unique look unlike any other.  Preparation and coordination of this hallmark feature was as complex as the other features combined; it required an eye for detail and methodical execution.

All said, the lobby of this project is our greatest source of pride, and overall we were honored to be a part of this project with the Bartlett-Cocke team.

Contractor: Bartlett Cocke
Architect: Stantec
Completed: 2016